3 New Sources of Third-Party Content For Digital Newsrooms

Online publishers have long used third-party content to engage audiences and supplement original reporting. Now, three new content contributors to our content network expand your republishing options.

Introducing 3 New Publications:

We welcome three of journalism’s top brands to the repubHub content network:  Newsweek, Medical Daily and International Business Times.

Newsweek has been providing in-depth analysis, news and information for more than 80 years. Newsweek journalists provide unique perspectives and in-depth coverage on global politics and culture throughout the day, each weekday.

Medical Daily offers timely and comprehensive information about breaking health news, scientific trends, and innovations covering topics from Alzheimer’s to Yoga.

International Business Times  is a growing source of worldwide news, on topics ranging from business and tech to sports and more.

News and features from all three of these publications are now at your fingertips, available to be republished and fully shared with your readers via our republishing portal, repubHub.

A “Go-To” Source of Third-Party Content for Editors

repubHub brings world-class content together in one place from a wide variety of leading sources for your content needs. All content is rights-cleared and ready to use.

There are two price options. Ad-free articles are available to license at a very low cost; alternatively, an ad-supported version is available for free.

For smaller newsrooms, free may be the way to go. Others may feel that sharing a credible ad-free article from a trusted third-party content source is well worth just a few dollars.

Republish the Stories You Can’t Cover

It’s easy to find relevant stories and news features for your readers, from these three publications and many others:

  • Head over to repubHub, and search for timely articles that fit your niche – on politics, technology, science, business, culture, sports and more.
  • Once you find stories of interest for your audiences, simply grab the embed code and place it in your post editor (Note: WordPress sites can do this automatically … learn more here).

copy and paste embed code of article from third party source

There are two ways to monitor your favorite publications or topics: from repubHub or right in WordPress:

  • After you find content that’s a good match for your audience, take an extra moment to set up a feed.
  • repubHub will send you an alert when new license-ready articles matching your search terms are published and you won’t miss a single story from your favorite publications

1) From repubHub:

get a feed or republishable, licensed articles

2)   From WordPress

manage a feed and set up topic alerts


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