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Content Creators: Meet repubHub!

repubHub is a searchable public portal for licensed, republishable content that brings content creators and curators together.

Here’s how.

  • For digital publishers and bloggers, curation of republishable articles is easy.  Quickly find relevant online content to republish with instant permission on your business website or blog.

Simply do a quick search of our database of 9 million articles – 7000+ added daily — to easily find articles on topics that match your interest.

  • For content creators, writers and content marketers, syndicating your original content is easy. Just add the iCopyright Toolbar to your site to contribute a content feed to repubHub, and get broader distribution.

In addition, you’ll get an easy way to monetize licensed reuse of your content by other sites, individuals, and companies.

In repubHub, relevant articles for your content curation strategy are easy to find and post on your website.  This combination of features is unique in the republishing marketplace.

How Does It Work?

Once you find an article you like, it’s easy to republish it on your site. You can republish as is, or add a comment before or after the article to customize the context for your audience.

Each article comes with a green “Republish” button.  For most articles, clicking “Republish” brings up an embed code that places a free ad-supported version of the article right on your website or blog.

And, if you like, subscribe to one or more free feeds for ongoing delivery of relevant articles on the topics you choose!

What Does repubHub Cost?

The repubHub service is completely free to content creators.

For content curators, there are free ad-supported republishing options for a large percentage of available articles, and other licensed republishing options at pricing and terms established by the content creator.

Give repubHub a try!

Would you like to get broader distribution for your original content?

We invite you to become a content contributor. Just add our free Toolbar to your site and your content is automatically eligible for syndication on repubHub.  The Toolbar can be installed in under a minute with our WordPress, Drupal, or other CMS plug-ins.

repubHub can also serve as a unique  source of republishable content for your site.   Try it out!


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