Meet repubHub: A New Portal for Licensed, Republishable Content

single bloggerBuilding visibility is tough to do solely with original content.

In a world that often seems to be exploding with content, bloggers and content marketers face a challenge:  How to keep delivering value to your readers with fresh, relevant content?

Increasingly, content marketers and bloggers add curation to the mix, to broaden the range of content that can be easily and consistently delivered.

Adding a curation strategy makes life a lot easier for you and can be a new way to deliver value to your readers.

Republishable Content: Beyond the “Link”

Most curation consists of linking to articles on other websites.

But, it used to be that lining up permission to republish relevant content was a hassle that few content marketers and bloggers wanted to bother with.

Not anymore. Now, it’s easy to find the content you want, and get the necessary permission to republish — instantly.

Meet repubHub, powered by iCopyright - your source for licensed, republishable content.

An Extension of Curation

repubHub offers a match made in content marketing heaven.

  • There are lots of great writers and respected media outlets publishing articles relevant to your readership, who are eager for greater exposure for their content.
  • There are many content marketers who need an ongoing flow of relevant content that they can reuse.

Why not work together?

Republishing the content of others on our websites is an extension of curation. 

  • Republishing enables us to add depth for our readers, keeps them on our own cyber turf, and still acts as an inbound link for the content originator.
  • It provides a great user experience for all involved — expecially when context is added before or after a post.

Find new content easily, and gain access to virtually unlimited great content to keep your site lively and interesting.

Millions of Articles, Searchable Database, Customized Content Feeds

Would you like to find new republishable content?

repubHub includes more than 9 million articles, many from major publishers like The Washington Times, Investor’s Business Daily, the Toronto Star, and more.

In fact, iCopyright publishers add 7,000 new articles daily on a broad array of current topics … and new publishers and content creators are being added every week.

Syndication and Content Curation in the House!

Would you like to get broader distribution for your original content?

We’re excited to make expanded options for content distribution and monetization accessible to a broader audience.  We invite you to contribute your content to repubHub.

And, since many content creators are less familiar with how to leverage syndication, republishing,  and related content strategies, we’ll be writing (and republishing) more about these tools, techniques, and related information here on our blog.

An Invitation: Take repubHub for a Spin!

Have a look at the repubHub portal  and read the.

  • It’s free to join-and adding your content is easy.  The iCopyright toolbar can be installed in under a minute with our WordPress, Drupal, or other CMS plug-ins: installing the toolbar makes your content eligible for inclusion in repubHub.
  • repubHub can also serve as a great source of republishable content for your site.

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about using the service … we appreciate your honest feedback, suggestions and requests in the comments.

We aim to make repubHub the best resource for licensed, republishable content on the Web.  Let us know what you think!


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