Add Value with Anti-Piracy Software. Copyright Protection Installs Easily and Sets You Apart!

You build state of the art websites for your clients. In the process, you build in various business solutions — and seek out the best plugins — to protect your clients from spam, and optimize for SEO.

What about copyright protection and anti-piracy software?

  • The right copyright protection software defends your client’s articles from purposeful content piracy, as well as inadvertent misuse.
  • The free iCopyright plugin is gives savvy developers a chance to add value by helping your clients protect website content, and avoid these issues.

Copyright protection and piracy is an important issue for content creators – bloggers, publishers, and content marketers — and as a developer, you can play an important role to protect copyright for websites entrusted to your care.

Why Build In Anti-Piracy Software and Copyright Protection?

Unless your client is an IP lawyer or a very sophisticated blogger or writer, they will likely rely on you to recommend a copyright solution, if they even think of it at all.

Yet, with blogging and content marketing on the rise, more of your clients can benefit from a plugin that reminds site visitors to respect copyright, and results in greater attribution and links — whether they know it or not.

iCopyright’s plugin makes it easy to make copyright protection a baseline element of web design.  It gives your client options: to share content freely, license it for commercial purposes … even protect original content from plagiarism and piracy.

iCopyright: Award Winning Plugin and Toolbar

iCopyright’s free plugin is designed to protect your client’s original content, and works for sites of all sizes — from large publishers to individual bloggers.

  • Unlike a simple copyright notice in the footer, the iCopyright Toolbar is visible and interactive. Its presence reminds site visitors to respect your client’s copyrights and makes it easy to share content with proper attribution and links back to your client’s website.
  • Through the toolbar, iCopyright also opens up a variety of revenue producing licensing and syndication options.
  • Whether or not your client can take advantage of features like content licensing or syndication, the iCopyright Toolbar provides essential copyright protection for every blog and website.

Default settings are applied to your content as soon as you activate the iCopyright Toolbar.  Adjust your settings in the user-friendly Conductor console at any time.

The iCopyright plugin is FREE to install.  It activates instantly using our plugin for DrupalJoomla or WordPress sites. Or if you’re using some , simply get our javascript and paste it into your site.

iCopyright’s Discovery Service Takes It a Step Further

And, for continuous content monitoring and infringement detection, your clients can try our premium Discovery™ service — iCopyright’s automated solution to detect and manage plagiarism and content theft.

Whereas the Toolbar and Interactive Copyright Notice make it easy for folks who want to do-the-right-thing to properly license your content, Discovery scours the internet looking for any who nevertheless choose to bypass your new tools and reuse your content without proper authorization.

Your clients can try our Discovery service FREE for 30 Days.

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