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iCopyright was founded over a decade ago for one reason – to help content creators thrive in a digital age.

We offer innovative digital tools that enable content creators to continue to profit, promote, and protect their valuable content.

Copyright Protection Issues in a Digital Age

Digital content is often copied and shared by cutting and pasting—usually without attribution of the source and without any benefit to the copyright owner.  This deprives the content creator and copyright owner of precious exclusive rights, including the right to profit from the work.

Content creators should be able to have their works widely disseminated across the internet, without losing ownership rights to their creation.

Perhaps iCopyright founder Mike O’Donnell puts it best:

Copyrighted content employs us, enlightens us, and entertains us. Without copyright and the benefits it affords content creators, we would be unemployed, uneducated, and bored silly.

It is our mission to help content creators make it easy for their readers to respect those rights. The publisher tools we provide make copyright compliance by readers and those who reuse content easier and more satisfying than stealing.

Content Solutions for Content Creators

iCopyright has been a source of digital content solutions and innovation for over a decade.

As the online world evolves, the need for innovative digital solutions that enable content creators to profit, promote, and protect their valuable content is greater than ever.  New strategies like are designed to help online publishers succeed online.

We continue to explore new ways to help online publishers and content creators protect and better monetize content, and make content reuse streamlined, profitable, and frictionless.

Award Winning Technology

Today, iCopyright’s self-service licensing and syndication system continues to win industry awards, and is used by many of the world’s leading publishers.

Join us in a digital content conversation, as we develop new content solutions that enable content creators and publishers flourish in a digital age.

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