3 Online Content Strategies To Power Your Financial Publishing Site

Online Content about Financial NewsIn a previous post, “4 Online Content Strategies for the Financial Publisher”, we explored how financial publishers can keep up with the demand for content by tapping into a range of sources and strategies.

Here are 3 more content strategies that financial sites can use to stand out from competition, and boost growth.

     1. Help Readers Easily Access the Content They Want

Readers are typically focused on very specific types of content. Once you curate and publish content for readers, organize stories to make it very easy to access exactly what readers are most interested in.

  • Finance portal Wikinvest has successfully built this kind of filtering system into its site with primary pull-down menus that group content by company, industry, investment sector and markets. Readers can access the content that is most compelling to them in one or two clicks.
  • Another publisher who does a great job of organizing site content for his readers is James Taulman, whose Sunday Stock Report spans investing news to analysis. Each day he shares timely updates on a basket of stocks, by republishing news from Investor’s Business Daily and other leading sources. He writes a more in-depth perspective with original commentary on the markets and offers investing advice as well.

SSR creates a new web page for each stock, to organize news and commentary for readers –which helps to build his following, as well as search engine traffic.

Provide the means to easily filter and navigate. Making information easier to access helps to keep readers returning often and helps turn your site into a go-to resource.

     2. Make it Visual

Charts, graphs, infographics and illustrations can quickly and effectively help readers interpret even the most complex concepts and data. Integrating graphics into your online content mix adds to the overall visual impact of a site and provides a richer user experience.

If you don’t have in-house capabilities to create your own visual assets, republishing a story with great visual assets is another option. This chart, which highlights the significance of institutional ownership, for instance, comes from a story that can be freely republished from Investor’s Business Daily, via repubHub:

graphic rph blog

     3. Supplement with Premium Content for a Powerful Boost

We define premium content as information that a reader will be willing to provide contact information in order to access. Creating reports based on surveys, conducting original research, preparing white papers, and producing podcasts are certainly time-consuming.  Yet the results can significantly boost a publication’s audience, while building credibility and adding value for readers. These activities also help you build your contact list, a valuable asset.

Select a topic that will be compelling to your readers, and have a format in mind for publishing your findings. Whether you plan to conduct and issue findings from a survey, distribute a trend report, announce statistics, or establish a ratings system – all of these have the potential to make a big impact.

For instance,

  • Jordan Roy-Byrne, editor and publisher of The Daily Gold, uses premium content — reports such as “Premium Global Markets Update” and “Criteria for Picking the Best Gold and Silver Stocks” — to drive subscriptions to his free newsletter, as well as weekly podcasts to engage site readers.
  • Mortgage and loan information publisher HSH conducts weekly surveys of mortgage lenders, which it uses to issue loan competition reports. HSH’s reports have become the accepted industry standard among Fortune 500 companies, lenders, Wall Street, and government regulators.
  • Weiss Research Inc., an investment newsletter publisher, issues Financial Strength Ratings on more than 19,000 financial institutions including banks, credit unions, life and annuity insurers, health insurers, and property and casualty insurers, as well as the debt of 47 sovereign nations.

Financial publishers are challenged with finding the resources to produce enough high-quality online content to enable them to serve as an important source.  By using some of these content techniques, publishers can better engage readers and become a “go-to” source of high-quality online content for their niche.

Learn how a content network like repubHub can expand your current content capabilities and help support your online publishing goals.

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