Most Common FAQ’s:  

To help you understand our service, here are the most common questions people have about iCopyright:

Q. Who should use the iCopyright Toolbar?

A. Our customers are typically publishers or professional bloggers and writers who are looking to protect their work and generate revenue from their online content.

Q. What does the iCopyright platform really do?

A. The toolbar helps to protect, distribute, and monetize your online content.  It provides visible online copyright protection, increases revenue opportunities by licensing your content instantly and easily.

Q. I’m not being asked to provide a credit card number to sign up.  What’s the catch?

A. No catch:

Our most basic services – for instance, powerful copyright protection – are free.

If you elect to activate a premium service – for instance, Discovery™ advanced infringement detection - we’ll request a credit card from you at that time.

Finally, republishing and related services are either ad supported (and free), or we retain a share of the earnings of the toolbar.

More FAQs are organized by topic, below.

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