Customer Service As A Culture in a SaaS Company

At iCopyright we take customer service seriously.

As an SaaS company (software as a service) enabling the sharing and licensing of great content with a few clicks, we take away the friction between buyer and seller, publisher and republisher.

The ideal we seek is a fair exchange between the parties without the need for each publisher or content creator to have a dedicated licensing and customer support staff. Transactions are initiated and completed online, but, as with any digital endeavor, issues can crop up for a huge variety of reasons that need personal attention.

Everyone at iCopyright is involved in providing resolutions when problems arise or when customers are not initially satisfied by their experience. Software code may be tweaked, credit may be issued, or charts missing from a research article may be retrieved and delivered.

We represent thousands of publishers and publications in these transactions, and it is their reputation, as well as ours, that is on the line.  Not only do we seek to deliver flawless results, we hope to delight our customers and our publishers in the process.

We wanted to share this article, republished here via repubHub with permission from AllBusiness Experts, one of our WordPress publishers, because it succinctly summarizes the nature of our customer-centric culture.  Also, it underscores the need, especially for a SaaS  enterprise,  and a digital product, for customer service with a human touch.

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