iCopyright Launches Article Tools + Syndication Plugin

Six tools-in-one for blogs and websites running on WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

Contact: Mike O’Donnell, Director

SEATTLE, Washington, September 27 – iCopyright announces the launch of unique new CMS plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. The free plugin can be downloaded and activated in less than five minutes, providing any site that publishes copyrighted content with six content monetization tools:

1. The Syndication tool enables the site to instantly distribute its articles to other blogs and websites and get paid for every view.

2. The Source tool enables the site to find and republish relevant articles from other sites, and to monetize them with ads, subscriptions, and reprint sales.

3. The Share tool installs Print, Email, Post, and Republish features, making it easy for visitors to share articles with proper attribution and links back to the site. When the site’s content is shared, its ads go with it, increasing its revenue from more clicks and impressions.

4. The Promotion tool emails the site’s article headlines to opt-in subscribers of iCopyright’s Clip&Copy® news alert service. This helps the site to reach new users and bring more traffic to the site.

5. The Track tool scours the web, locating articles from the site that appear on other sites, making it easy to determine whether the site’s content is being used with or without permission by others.

6. The Sell tool embeds iCopyright’s award-winning licensing service, making it easy for site visitors to buy articles and comply with copyright.

The all-in-one plugin is a unique application, providing blogs and websites of any size with tools to promote, protect, track and monetize their content with one install. “Essentially, what we have done is to take our sophisticated patent-pending technology, previously available only to very large publishers, and package it so that any blogger or website owner can deploy it quickly,” said Andrew Elston, CEO of iCopyright. The plugin is free of charge and can be downloaded at https://info.icopyright.com. iCopyright earns a small share of the revenue the plugin generates for the sites that are using it.

About iCopyright
iCopyright (www.icopyright.com) provides licensing and clearinghouse services for digital content worldwide.  Since its founding in 1998, iCopyright has promoted and protected the proprietary rights of tens of millions of pieces of content for thousands of publishers and content creators.  iCopyright also offers Discovery™, a content monitoring and infringement detection service for publishers that locates copies of content posted on the Internet and automates the recovery and remedy of infringed content, and Clip&Copy®, a free press-monitoring service.  iCopyright has received two CODiE Awards from the Software and Information Industry Association and has been repeatedly named to the annual list of EContent 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.

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