iCopyright Enhances Content Syndication Service

Instant Republication Service Also Expanded

In response to feedback from publishers and content licensees, iCopyright has just released two important upgrades to the instant licensing service.

Enhanced Content Syndication Service

iCopyright’s unique new Get Syndication service, introduced earlier this year, has been refined to provide owners of copyrighted content with more control over how their content is syndicated and more ways for potential licensees to discover your publications and content. Publishers can now restrict syndication of their content to user-defined keywords and phrases. Prior to this release, users could always opt for a full feed of all content from a publication as well as a feed based upon keywords and phrase. Get Syndication is a feature of iCopyright’s instant Republication menu.

Enhanced Republication Services Menu

In addition to the Get Syndication enhancements discussed above, the Republish category in Conductor has been expanded to provide more specific republication license types.

New Plug-and-Play Applications for Popular Content Management Services to be Launched Soon

iCopyright’s Development Group is putting the finishing touches on applications for two of the most popular open-source content management services, Joomla and Drupal. This joins our WordPress plugin launched last year. Publishers who use these platforms to manage and publish their content will be able to quickly download and deploy iCopyright’s toolbar and content services, including syndication and Discovery.

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