iCopyright Granted U.S. Patent on Peer-Policing System

Contact: Mike O’Donnell, Director

Invention makes it easy to obtain rights to use copyrighted material, and to verify that someone using the material has obtained the proper license.

SEATTLE, Washington, July 18 – iCopyright.com announced today that it has been granted a U.S. patent on its instant copyright licensing and verification system. copyright revenue The invention is unique because it enables people to instantly verify that someone using copyrighted material has the proper license to do so, and it enables others to obtain their own license to use the work directly from the copied work, not just the orginal. Without the invention, for example, it is difficult for a commercial enterprise to know if its employees have properly licensed work of authorship, which may subject them to significant liability. Additionally, people who receive copies of copyrighted works often want to make their own copies, but would be doing so illegally without obtaining their own license.

“iCopyright was founded on the principle that people who wish to use copyrighted material for commercial purposes will do so legally, as long as it is quick and simple,” said Michael O’Donnell, Founder and Director  of iCopyright. “We recognized that encryption mechanisms rarely work. Compliance with copyright laws and policies is better ensured by peer influence, not by locking content. For example, most professionals won’t risk their reputations or the reputations of their companies by improperly using someone else’s material, especially when it is easy for their customers to instantly know whether they have the rights to be using that material. Until this invention, it was virtually impossible to verify whether one who was copying and redistributing material had the rights to do so. It was also impossible to instantly obtain a license directly from the copied work. With this invention, iCopyright has made copyright more enforceable and more valuable in the 21st century,” he said.

About iCopyright

iCopyright (www.icopyright.com) provides licensing and clearinghouse services for digital content worldwide.  Since its founding in 1998, iCopyright has promoted and protected the proprietary rights of tens of millions of pieces of content for thousands of publishers and content creators.  iCopyright also offers Discovery™, a content monitoring and infringement detection service for publishers that locates copies of content posted on the Internet and automates the recovery and remedy of infringed content, and Clip&Copy®, a free press-monitoring service.  iCopyright has received two CODiE Awards from the Software and Information Industry Association and has been repeatedly named to the annual list of EContent 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.

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