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iCopyright is the leader in copyright licensing and content services for digital content.

See how it works:

iCopyright is short for “Intelligent Copyright.” As an intelligent copyright system for digital content, iCopyright helps publishers and independent creators protect, promote, syndicate and monetize their content - from news and editorial articles, to blogs and independent creative works. iCopyright also helps commercial users instantly secure the rights to copy and republish content while complying with copyright.

iCopyright invented “point-of-contact” licensing and permissions, meaning that content can be licensed instantly at the user’s point-of-contact with the content. iCopyright is used by more online publishers to protect their rights and grant permissions - and is used by more online users to buy reprints and digital licenses - than any other automated licensing system.

Founded in 1998, iCopyright has generated millions of dollars in licensing revenue for online publishers, and has four patents pending in the field of automated copyright licensing and permissions.

What Does It Cost?

There is no cost to blogs and websites to activate the iCopyright Plugin. As the content owner, YOU set the prices, terms, and other business rules for the use of your content. Make it free with attribution, or charge for reprints, eprints, and other commercial uses. It’s entirely up to you!

What is the Revenue Split?

For licensing sales of your content through the iCopyright system, iCopyright retains 20% and delivers 80% of the revenue to you. For advertiser-supported free uses, i.e., Free Print, Free Email, and Free Post, 50% of the ad rotation is reserved by iCopyright and 50% is reserved for you. You can upload your Google AdSense script to display ads when visitors to your site use the toolbar to share your content with others.

Milestones and Industry Recognitions:

(1) Invested more than $28 million to build and deploy the word’s first automated copyright licensing system for digital content. Unmatched industry innovations include:

  • instant licensing and fulfillment of digital content
  • advertiser-supported permissions (free uses)
  • copyright-enabled article tools
  • copyright enabled news alerts and press clippings
  • content monitoring and infringement detection
  • personalized and interactive copyright notice for content creators
  • one-click licensing and permissions for corporate users

(2) Winner of two SIIA CODiE Awards for best technology.

(3) Named to EContent List of 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry,,,,, and.

(4) Named the Top Emerging Company in America by FundingPost,.

(5) Endorsed and represented in Canada by Access Copyright, the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency.

The Technology Platform

iCopyright offers a web-based (Software-as-a-Service) platform for both owners of content and consumers of content. The platform consists of the following components:

CONDUCTOR is an instant licensing service for large content publishers with multiple titles or daily news feeds. It is used by some of the largest wire services, newspapers, magazines, and trade journals in North America and Europe. With Conductor, publishers can instantly license their content from their web sites, syndicate their content to other web sites, and track their content as it is used and distributed on the web.

DISCOVERY is a content monitoring and infringement detection service for publishers of articles and images. It is used by content owners to find sites that are using their content. With Discovery, copyright holders can monitor who is using their content and, if appropriate, send infringers notices to license the content or take it down.

CLIP&COPY is a professional news alerts and press clippings service for commercial users of content. It is used by marketing and PR professionals, executives, and information workers. With Clip&Copy, content users can receive clips of news stories on topics that match their interests and can legally post those clips on their public web sites and intranets.

CORPORATE SERVICES is a content licensing and copyright compliance management system for corporations, universities, and other organizations. Employees can purchase the rights to reuse or re-purpose millions of articles with one click. Their company receives indemnification from unlawful and unintentional copyright infringement.

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