iCopyright Article Tools: Maximizing Revenue & Minimizing Piracy

Summary: A Virtuous Circle

Homegrown article tools and those supplied by third parties facilitate piracy and cause publishers to collectively lose billions of dollars each year. They inadvertently create a vicious circle that prevents all publishers from realizing the full potential of their assets. iCopyright Article Tools and Interactive Copyright Notice are the keys to maximizing revenue and minimizing piracy of news and information content. User surveys and independent usability testing show the immense potential of these tools if they are properly deployed by publishers. iCopyright’s solution creates a virtuous circle of copyright compliance and new revenue from contextual advertising and commercial use licensing. This solution stops the vicious circle of lost revenue and piracy that the publishing industry currently suffers from.


The Hidden Value in Article Tools and the © Symbol - 1 -
A Better Solution Based On New Information - 1 -
Why the Fuss Over Article Tools? - 2 -
A Wasted Competitive Advantage - 3 -
What’s Wrong with the Article Tools Used by Most Publishers? - 4 -
Why Internal Fixes Don’t Work - 6 -
Why Have Article Tools at All? - 7 -
Which Article Tools Are Most Important? - 9 -
Syndicating Your Article Tools and Copyright Notice - 10 -
Article Tools and Contextual Advertising - 11 -
Article Tools and License Verification - 11 -
Article Tools and Site Analytics - 11 -
Article Tools and Editorial Direction - 12 -
Usage Data from Partners - 12 -
How Much Usage of Article Tools Should You Expect? - 12 -
How Much Revenue Should You Expect? - 13 -
Will iCopyright Article Tools Cannibalize Reprint Sales? - 14 -
Which Group Within Your Company Should “Own” Article Tools? - 14 -

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