Internet Piracy: Help Your Readers Do The “CopyRight” Thing

Digital Content Theft: online pirates might be stealing your blog content!If you create original content for a living, the issue of piracy on the internet is more than just a theoretical problem.  It’s a threat to your livelihood!

This is true whether you’re a big movie studio with billions invested in blockbuster movies or an individual blogger typing away in a bedroom.

The issues raised by copyright laws and internet piracy are not going away anytime soon.

  • There is a general consensus that internet piracy is wrong, even as it has become more commonplace.
  • Most of us want to see ideas spread freely online, and new creation encouraged.

Are these beliefs at odds?  We don’t think so.

Most online copyright infringement occurs because it’s so easy to copy online.  Most people are willing to respect your rights, if you make it easy for them to comply.

Internet Piracy and Copyright:  Help Readers Do the Right Thing

If you are a content creator, ask yourself:  are you helping your readers to “do the right thing?”   Or do you unwittingly allow people to ignore your copyrights?

Here’s a checklist:

  • Have you assessed how your website presents your copyright rights?  Are they visible, or easily missed?
  • Do your site visitors have an automated way to comply with your terms of use and gain permission before sharing?
  • Have you made it easy for users to license your online content when circumstances warrant?
  • Are you promoting the viral distribution of your articles … with proper attribution and links?
  • Have you explored technology that enables your readers to share your content in the widest variety of ways, while respecting your copyrights?

The primary barrier to addressing piracy for articles on the web isn’t inadequate regulation — it’s the inconsistent approach most publishers take to the distribution of their content.

The Solution:  Innovative Technology That Protects Your Copyrights

We’re delighted to present our award-winning technology as a solution to twin issues of copyright compliance and internet piracy.

iCopyright’s  software enables content owners (whether large or small) and content users to transact easily, instantly, and economically.

In fairness, you can’t claim copyright infringement, or profit from your work, if you don’t set consistent expectations and make copyright compliance easy.

When it comes to internet piracy, it helps to have an online system that makes protecting your content automatic.  Help your readers do the copyright thing!

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