iCopyright Discovery Finds Sites That Have Copied Your Content

Do you know who is reusing your copyrighted content and how? iCopyright’s powerful Discovery service is the great equalizer for content owners in an era where their content is so easy to copy and reuse for commercial purposes. Discovery finds web sites that are displaying some or all of your content without permission according to parameters you establish. Upon finding infringers, you can use Discovery to remedy these improper uses by automatically sending DMCA-compliant notices to cease using the content or obtain a license for continued use. If the infringers fail to comply, Discovery can notify the infringers’ ISP to take down the content, search engines to delist the infringers’ site, the infringers’ advertising network to cease providing ads, or industry enforcement agents to commence legal action.

If you have installed the free iCopyright Plugin, you can activate Discovery searches for as little as $6 per month. We will send you a report each week listing sites that match the content on your site. Depending on the number of articles you publish and how frequently you want the system to search, you can adjust the number of searches and “matches” of sites that are using your content.

To activate Discovery, view sites with matching content, send DMCA-compliant notices, and modify other search/match settings, log-in to your Conductor Console and select the Discovery tab.

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