Services for Publishers

iCopyright provides a comprehensive suite of services to publishers to help them protect, promote and profit from their content. All of the services are managed from a web-based console called Conductor. With one simple implementation of the iCopyright tag, publishers may take advantage of all of these services. No other content licensing solution comes close to matching the iCopyright platform.

Article Tools: It all starts here!

Toolbar Options

iCopyright’s article tools provide your readers with a variety of ways to use copyrighted content quickly and intuitively — for free or for a fee — according to the terms you establish. The tools are typically placed at the top of each article where users expect to find them. The toolbar can be customized in a variety of ways (horizontal or vertical or single-button; transparent or shaded background; numerous color choices). The toolbar can also be configured to incorporate the leading social sharing services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In, providing a less cluttered look to your article pages.

The tools include links to your own Terms of Use and to information that educates users about the limits of fair use and the virtues of copyright compliance.

Intelligent, Interactive Copyright Notice

This is the copyright notice for the 21st Century! Designed to replace the old, static copyright symbol and notice that most publishers use, the iCopyright’s Intelligent Copyright Notice is placed at the bottom of each article and launches a main menu of services that promotes your licensing terms, letting users know what they can and cannot do with your content. With just a few clicks, they obtain properly permissioned content using iCopyright’s patent-pending instant licensing service.

Instant Licensing Service

iCopyright’s Instant Licensing Service enables publishers to offer a wide range of permissions and licenses for printing, emailing, posting, republishing, and subscribing to a syndicated feed. Publishers can set up three pricing tiers: standard (for-profit), educational, and non-profit, to accommodate different types of users.

Users can obtain instant licenses by credit card or PayPal, or bill to their iCopyright on a pre-approved basis. The iCopyright system instantly produces the content in a handsome and uniform display that preserves the publisher’s and publication’s branding and delivers it to the user in the desired format. And, of course, each licensed article includes the Intelligent Copyright Notice with a tracking ID embedded that links to a public license record.

Public License Record: Peer-Policing & License Authentication

Designed to discourage individuals and organizations from using your content without permission, or exceeding the terms of their original license, iCopyright’s peer-policing and license authentication feature allows those who receive content to know whether a proper license has been obtained. People won’t pirate your content if anyone can verify whether it is an authorized copy.

Syndication Module: Two Ways to Profit

iCopyright’s unique Syndication Module offers publishers two ways to protect, promote and profit from their content when it is syndicated to others, as well as to obtain third-party content for their own sites.

The Feed & Tag Syndication service enables you to license feeds of your own copyrighted content to other publishers, bloggers and websites — instantly! Your iCopyright toolbar and licensing services are embedded in the feed of your content when displayed on subscribing web sites. You earn new revenue for each page view and share in all secondary uses according to terms you specify. Similarly, you can obtain a licensed feed of content from other publishers in the iCopyright network to enhance your own original content. And, of course, you earn a revenue share on all licensed reuses of that content on your site.

Tag-Only Syndication allows you to add iCopyright tags to content you license from third-party content producers who may or may not be in the iCopyright network. Similarly, it allows you to authorize and manage the tagging of your copyrighted content when it appears on third-party sites, such as aggregators and research databases.

In all cases, iCopyright tracks all licenses, collects the fees, and remits revenue shares among the partners and publishers each month. Publishers never lose control over their brand or their content.

Conductor Rights & Permissions Management Module

Conductor provides publishers with complete control over what permissions and reuses are permitted, the pricing for each and the terms of use. How the services are presented and how they function can be managed through the web-based Conductor console. The individual services and the business rules that apply to them can be adjusted as needed without involving technical staff.

Discovery Content Monitoring & Infringement Detection

Do you know who is reusing your copyrighted content and how? iCopyright’s powerful Discovery service is the great equalizer for publishers in an era where their content is so easy to copy and reuse for commercial purposes. Discovery finds web sites that are displaying some or all of your content without permission according to parameters you establish. Upon finding infringers, you can use Discovery to remedy these uses by automatically sending DMCA-compliant notices to cease using the content or obtain a license for continued use. If the infringers fail to comply, Discovery can notify the infringers’ ISP to take down the content, search engines to delist the infringers’ site, the infringers’ advertising network to cease providing ads, or industry enforcement agents to commence legal action.

Content Usage & Revenue Reports

iCopyright’s reporting module provides an in-depth look at how and by whom the content is being used and licensed. Reports can be generated for the most popular content, by service, by publication, and by revenue. Publishers find these reports extremely valuable in determining what kind of articles resonate with users and how to price them to maximize revenue.

Reprint Leads Management System

iCopyright handles all the details and fulfills all the requests for customized reprints and reports them to you in this Conductor module. For publishers who have an established program of reprint sales and permissions management, iCopyright is easily configured to integrate with your sales team or your provider of choice. For such publishers, this module can be used to manage the sales process from initial inquiry to completion of sale. Publishers can manage multiple vendors with this module, such as reprint agents, photo licensing agents, and permissions agents.

Clip&Copy Content Marketing Service

Designed to propel publisher content to the desktops of motivated readers, Clip&Copy promotes the publisher’s brand and titles. Article headlines and abstracts are emailed to users, based upon their custom topics and search parameters. Clip&Copy subscribers can also instantly post the clips on their public website, social networking site, and company intranet. When other people see the clips, they click the headline to read the full article, with the iCopyright toolbar and licensing options embedded. Visit Clip&

Corporate Licensing & Billing Service

The Corporate Licensing and Billing Service enables employees of corporations, universities and government agencies to purchase your content by charging it to their employer’s master account on 30-day billing terms. This eliminates the need for employees to enter credit card information. The convenience of “one-click permissions” is a great way for publishers to collect more revenue from corporate users.


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